Helping Students Be Innovative and Marketable
in a Digitally Disruptive World

Global Innovators Academy provides student learning experiences centered on "informational interviews 2.0". Based on interviews, students create content that is published online. They learn important communications and networking skills, while creating a strong professional digital footprint. This makes students innovative and marketable in a digitally disruptive world.

Explore Your Career Interests, Learn Critical Digital Communication Skills & Establish a Professional Digital Footprint  


 The course is a resource to support:
  • High school guidance / college counselors who want to expose students to careers that are of interest to them. As a result, they can make more informed decisions about colleges to attend and majors to pursue. By creating professional content that is available online, students are able to share a public-facing content asset that can be used in college applications.   
  • Leadership and staff working in university career centers who want to expose students to different internships to explore during college and jobs to pursue post-graduation. By creating professional content that is available online, students are more marketable during their job search.
Educators can tailor the eight different course modules and the curriculum. To give you a flavor for the content, here is module 1.  

Other experiential courses are planned for the future

Be a part of this vision. Collaborate with us.



Customize the curriculum, provide learners with real-life experiences and connect students with innovative alumni. 

Share your story, gain visibility, give back 

 and connect with future talent.

Associate with a positive cause that aligns with your individual or organizational philanthropic business goals.




 Global Innovators Academy course content is led by Kevin Anselmo. Here are what others say about his workshops for researchers.

“Kevin Anselmo of Experiential Communications customized his curriculum for our group and led an interactive, hands-on workshop that was very well received by our research team. Using the materials Kevin presented, I have read several compelling articles from my colleagues that we have been able to disseminate on our blog and external media outlets. Our team’s ability to better communicate their research findings will benefit us for years to come." - Aline Holzwarth, Principal, Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University

"Kevin Anselmo engaged a sizeable - and initially skeptical - group of senior faculty leaders in a lively, hands-on workshop on enhancing strategic communication about research and creative work. Our group left energized, more confident in their ability to gain visibility for complex findings and programs, and grateful. Bravo!” - Rogan Kersh, Provost, Wake Forest University

"The media training sessions provided by Experiential Communications were interactive, effective and highly enjoyable. Kevin has a polished but informal and approachable training style that worked really well for our team. We are already implementing many of the ready-to-use ideas we discussed and have set in motion several longer-term initiatives identified during the sessions.” - David Young CEO, Participate


The Global Innovators Academy is an initiative within Experiential Communications, a consultancy that provides experiential digital communications training to different audiences.

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