The Global Innovators Academy is an initiative within Experiential Communications, a consultancy that provides experiential digital communications training to different audiences.

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Global Innovators Academy provides students with exposure to innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers through experiential learning. Students gain inspiration about careers to pursue, enhance their professional network, learn critical digital communications skills and create a strong professional digital footprint that makes them more marketable.

Explore Your Career Interests, Learn Critical Digital Communication Skills & Establish a Professional Digital Footprint


The course is a resource to support:
  • High school guidance / college counselors who want to expose students to careers that are of interest to them. As a result, they can make more informed decisions about colleges to attend and majors to pursue. By creating professional content that is available online, students are able to share a public-facing content asset that can be used in college applications.   
  • Leadership and staff working in university career centers who want to expose students to different internships to explore during college and jobs to pursue post-graduation. By creating professional content that is available online, students are more marketable during the job search.
Educators can tailor the eight different course modules and the curriculum. To give you a flavor for the content, here is module 1.
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Innovators are able to introduce ideas that are novel and useful.  Our curriculum incorporates some of the important skills that personify innovators:

Course Instructor / Founder

Kevin Anselmo, founder of the Global Innovators Academy and Experiential Communications, is passionate about communications, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has developed online courses and in-person workshops for many reputable universities and research organizations. Previously, Kevin was Director of Public Relations for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and prior to that managed the media relations for IMD in Switzerland. Learn more about his work


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