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We consider innovation as “the application of ideas that are novel and useful”. So a few questions for you:


  • Are you an entrepreneur or someone who brings useful ideas to fruition within an established organization? (You don’t have to be someone who has patented technology for the driverless car). 

  • Are you interested in generating visibility for your organization or brand?

  • Are you interested in connecting to potential future talent?

  • Are you interested in giving back by providing some of your advice to student (high school senior or college business and communications majors)?  

If you answered yes to all four of these questions, we would be thrilled to connect you to a student who might be interested in interviewing you and highlighting your story on a blog dedicated to innovation from the perspective of a young person. 


You won’t be interviewed by Thomas Friedman or Fareed Zakaria. But you will interact with a student who will be in the process of going through a tried and tested communications training program. This student won’t be coming to you because they have to, but rather because they have a deep interest in learning more about what has contributed to your success on how you view the future.


Here is how the process works:


- A student will reach out to because they have an interest in learning from you.


- They will interview you at a mutually convenient time, asking your about your career journey, how you have generated and implemented new ideas in the past and how you view the future of innovation within your industry.


- You will have the opportunity to review your story for approval prior to publication. 


- Your story will get be published, you will reap some benefits from the exposure and you would have ideally connected and potentially inspired a future innovator! 


Some students will interview family or friends within their network or identify someone based on research. We also wanted to provide students with a list of innovators who would be willing to share their story. If that is you, please fill out the form below. (Note that you will be only reached out to one time. After your story is published, your name will be removed from the list of potential interviewees for students to consider).


Thank you for your consideration to help inspire the next generation of innovators!

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