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Dear Prospective Partner:
Dream with us for a second. Imagine all the students who will be inspired by interviewing interesting innovators and entrepreneurs and how that one experience could transform the trajectory of a students’ education - and career journey.
There is a war for talent out there. Just maybe a first internship or entry level job will come to fruition thanks to a student interviewing an innovator as part of the Global Innovators Academy. Or maybe the interview will trigger a student to start a successful entrepreneurial venture. Think about how creating connections between students and alumni from different schools and universities will be mutually beneficial.
There are great publications for innovation like Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Harvard Business Review. But none of these outlets tell the story of innovation and entrepreneurship from a young person’s experience interacting with an innovator. Wouldn’t it be amazing to co-create this content hub?
Visualize with me a special event in a particular city that awards students for creating interesting content. Key players, such as politicians, entrepreneurs and regional business leaders, are all on hand to recognize such students.
These are among our aspirations for the Global Innovators Academy. So much more is possible that we haven’t even considered yet. We aspire to create this ecosystem and community that truly inspires the next generation of innovators. We are looking to collaborate with the right types of individuals, foundations or corporations that would: 
  • Provide the financial resources to support as many teachers and professors as possible. 
  • Help shape the initiative in different communities by linking the Global Innovators Academy’s mission to the partners' individual or organizational objectives. 
Consider joining me on the journey and associating with the cause of inspiring future innovators. Fill out the form below and we can begin a conversation. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
Kevin Anselmo

Founder of the Global Innovators Academy 

The Global Innovators Academy is an initiative within Experiential Communications, a consultancy that provides experiential digital communications training to different audiences.

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