The Program Experience

Job seekers, based on their own interests, interview potential employers. They then write articles published online. That's why we call this experience the "Informational Interview 2.0". As job seekers go through the experience, they will learn about what a job entails, develop their communications skills, enhance their network and create a strong digital footprint that makes them more marketable. Leaders and managers that are interviewed are able to better assess potential talent that can join their organization.


Enhance Professional Networks

Learn Critical Communication Skills

Be More Marketable

Gain Knowledge about Jobs

Eight short dynamic videos (5-10 minutes each) and an acconpanying workbook. The experience is customized with supplemental live webinars. 

Participants interview an "innovator" - someone who seems to be doing innovative work in an area that is personally of interest. 

Participants create content that is published on the Global Innovators Academy public facing content hub and the individual’s LinkedIn profile. The content can be leveraged as a marketing asset by the sponsoring organization.


The timing will vary - typically it will be 1-2 months.

Sample the Course - Watch Module 1

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Delight Ejiaka, Digital Media and English at
Lee University  

"The confidence and persistence to seek out innovators and build your social capital can be overwhelming for many students. The Global Innovators Academy 's Interview an Innovator experience guides students on how to build a successful career network and grow their brand. This allows them to be distinguishable in the midst of all the disruptions taking place around us. I encourage every student and young professional to invest in this program because an investment in building your social network is paramount in our current job climate."

Cali Carper, Criminology and Comparative Literature Major at Penn State University

“Students and young professionals need to consider how they can enhance their marketability on a digital platform. I used to think it was daunting to market myself online. The Interview an Innovator course gave me confidence and taught me important content marketing principles, interview best practices and professional communication tactics. Conducting a meaningful interview with a State Senator exposed me to unique ways to build and nurture my network. The overall experience was enlightening and engaging.”


Kevin Anselmo is the founder of Experiential Communications, creator of the Global Innovators Academy and the instructor of the Interview an Innovator experience. 

Previously, Kevin was Director of Public Relations for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and prior to that managed the media relations for IMD in Switzerland. Kevin lived and worked in Switzerland for eight years and in Germany for two years. He has led communications initiatives in various countries around the world.

The Interview an Innovator course is produced by Jason Van Sant, founder of Reach Creative. Jason is a coach, strategist and producer who helps clients create compelling educational videos. For over a decade, he has created many successful promotional videos and courses at Duke University. Learn more about his work.

Special Introductory Rate

  • Access to all online course materials

  • Access to curriculum guide.

  • 3 different webinars spread out over three months.

  • Direct editorial feedback on all articles.

  • Sponsoring organization can leverage job seekers' articles to support its internal and external marketing

  • Incorporate organizational branding on course materials.

Up to 5 job seekers - $999 


Up to 10 job seekers - $1,749  

Up to 15 job seekers - $2,249  


Up to 30 job seekers - $2,999 


More than 30 job seekers – To discuss 

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